Thrud’s face when she’s hugging Modi is one of my favorites and I’m glad inking didn’t kill the expressiveness and organic quality. This page also reminds me of one of those quandaries when creating a property involving the tone. While I’m settled on the issue of blood and violence, I’m holding off on the cursing. Firstly, I’ve always thought “bleeping” stuff sounded funnier and I don’t want to limit who’s reading this. Many writers, I’m sure, really get off on the freedom and lack of editorial restriction the Internet provides. But in the end, it’s usually just the same comics with more cursing and naked people.  If you’re doing superheroes, they swear more when fighting bad guys and maybe a heroines top gets ripped in a “sexy” way. Perhaps I’ll move in that direction but not with a story about a 14-year old girl with her 11-year-old twin brothers. That’s the path to getting arrested.