My most successful bird’s eye view so far, I think. The lightning came out well but a colleague showed me a new technique after this page was done that will be shown going forward. While all these characters inhabit my head, Magni is the one I may be most partial to. ‘Cause that would be me reading on a magical cart shooting thunderbolts from its wheels. The properties I ascribe to the vehicle on this page are all mine; there’s no account that I’m aware of about how it felt to ride in Thor’s Chariot.

Hey, have you thought, “I wonder what the guy who draws this comic looks like in 3 dimensions?” Well you can find out at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival on April 28 and 29, at  the 69th Regiment Armory 68 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY. I’ll have a cool display of Thor’s gear, trading cards, t-shirts and the first collection from my webcomic! Say you came because you read this and I’ll draw you a nifty sketch card for the low price of $15! No, I’m not going to tell you how much it costs otherwise.