I really love the gestures (the physical poses) I got out of Thrud in this page. I think it communicated a lot of emotion and relayed a lot of information without speaking a word. The only thing I wasn’t happy with in this series of pages are the flames. They never looked right but the other versions I tried didn’t look any better. I’ll take another shot at it someday in another scene. 

Thrud was a late addition to this story (in terms of development) and I wasn’t quite sure how to pronounce her name. I usually would just sound it out, starting with a “The-” sound. But some reading has brought me to the conclusion that it’s actually more like “Trude”. As in Gertrude. That’s right, that aunt or maybe great-aunt now, who was famous for making pies, is named after a warrior Valkyrie. S0metimes, I love life.