I’m calmly awaiting the materials I’ll need for the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival on April 28 and 29, at  the 69th Regiment Armory 68 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY. I’ll have a cool display of Thor’s gear, trading cards, t-shirts and the first collection from my webcomic! Come by and say hi. It’s just 6 bucks to get in, people!

I wouldn’t have known who NLT was but for the fact that I’ve been hitting the gym regularly since last April. I watch the inhouse video channel when I’m doing the elliptical and that boy group came on a few times. I recognized one of them (he’s the kid in the wheelchair in Glee now) and looked ’em up. I liked the idea of one of the boys liking a failed ‘boy band’ and the other giving him crap about it.

Now a note about food: While I’m not one, I do respect the concept of veganism. A lot of the podcasts and infotainment I absorb deals with the politics of food and I’m very conscious of it. So when I made the choice to put meat into the story, I recognize that some of you may be disappointed or turned off. I hear you. The only thing I can say is that it’s directly related to the mythology that I’m pulling from.