I want to give credit to my significant other for the idea for Thrud’s test. The vast majority of what’s on this site is entirely from my head (plus reference) but sometimes I get some help. Oh, and something I should probably mention; not everybody is speaking English in this comic. It’s simply that the Thunderkind speak Dwarf, along with the languages of other creatures you’ll see in this comic. It’s a leftover from their godly past. 

This past month, I reached another milestone. Over four thousand unique visitors came to this site. So you might ask, “Gee, Alex, where are all the comments? Are you censoring everybody?” In fact, I have been spamming almost 99% of comments but that’s for a very good reason; that’s because they are spam. I get about a hundred comments a month but they’re mostly for cheap cigarettes and other things I can’t mention in a family webcomic.

So here is a challenge, my 4,000 viewers. Please comment. Bury me in them. Tell me what you think. If they’re printable, they’ll go in. The magic of this type of publishing is both immediacy and transparency. Please take advantage of both. Thank you.