Welcome to the House of Fang, Alexander Glass’s on-line studio. After a twelve year hiatus from the world of comics, I’ve decided to make the big leap to the Web. While it’s a challenge to do everything yourself, the freedom is also intensely liberating. Working in comics wasn’t exactly a suit and tie experience, but this is definitely ultracasual! The journey back has had some twists and turns but it was worth the trip. Now, in the grand tradition of Web 2.0, I’m going to do my best to reach you where you live; with a nifty Facebook fan page, twitter feed and much more as time goes by and I stretch my digital wings.

Here at the House of Fang, you’ll find a link to my first webcomic, Thunderkind. Also located here, you’ll find my blog on the ongoing process of creating a webcomic along with a discussion of my inspirations and path to development and creativity, a gallery of artwork and a cast page. Thank you for coming to my site and letting me into your imagination. You won’t be disappointed. Now take a look around and enjoy yourself. Don’t forget to let me know what you think either via the contact page or in comments section. While I believe in what I put out into the ether, I respect the opinion of those who are willing to see what I present. Now onto the show.