The older of the Donner twins by about 3 and half minutes (something that means much more to his brother than he), he is quiet and studious. He is most at home reading books or blogs. At school this makes him a bit of a pariah among the jocks. While he’s neither weak nor slow, organized sports simply don’t interest him. He likes the outdoors to a degree and doesn’t mind hiking out into nature for quiet place to read. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any more interest in video games so the other side of school society remains closed to him as well. Despite his flaming red locks, he is very slow to anger, preferring sardonic comments. He’s tougher than he appears and only time will tell if someone learns that to their regret. THE REAL STORY


The polar opposite of his older twin brother, Modi is absolutely fearless. He’s energetic and has  a reputation at school and around the neighborhood as someone not to mess with. His gregariousness has led him to hang out with older boys who’ve found themselves following his lead in their activities. Despite his attitude, he’s oddly mature for his age and has a real perchant for riddles of all sorts. His passion is for stunt-like sports and baiting  bigger boys into brawling. THE REAL STORY


Three years older than her brothers, Thrud has gratefully escaped school with them and is trying to settle into hight school.  While pretty and athletic, she’s having a hard time with the popular girls. She’s naturally a tomboy and doesn’t really relate to many of her fashion-and-gossip-obsessed peers. She’s not immune to boys but finds it confusing to deal with them. She finds herself expecting different reactions than she’s getting. This has led her to also be a bit withdrawn. THE REAL STORY

Uncle Baldwin:

Baldwin has lived next door to the Donners for as long as they can remember. He runs a successful set of bike shops that have in the past few years, become almost self-sustaining. This allows him time to spend time with his niece and nephews. If asked about how he lost his eye, he shrugs it off, claiming a random bike shop accident before the kids were born. He also tends two crows in his back yard and tinkers in his workshed. THE REAL STORY


He has only been seen as a mysterious figure plotting at the top of the world. He’s seemingly immune to the cold. But where will he pop up next? THE REAL STORY (SERIOUS SPOILERS!!)